Halloween Shadow Play at Trinosophes Oct. 30

The Legend of Mothman and Spookhaus Apokalypse! Halloween Performance

mothman-posterThe Halloween shadow-play The Legend of Mothman and Spookhaus Apokalypse! will be performed for one night only at 9:00 PM on Friday, October 30 at Trinosophes, 1464 Gratiot in Detroit. Tickets are $7.00, available when the doors open at 8 PM. This is an all-ages performance with children twelve and under admitted free. For further information call 313-737-6606.

This shadow-play of horror and comedy mixes a live band, Firesign Theater style narration, light-show projections and a rare appearance of Mothman in person! The play was written and directed by Cary Loren with puppets created and performed by Tom Carey. The voices of all characters are performed by radio personality Rob St. Mary. A special stage set of ‘Alien Tombstones’, costumes and masks were created by Jimbo Easter. Live music is provided by the Monster Island collective that includes Jimbo Easter, Cary Loren and Matthew Smith.

Based on urban legends, folklore and the year 1966, when many strange UFO sightings were seen across the skies of America, Mothman and Spookhaus Apokalypse! brings these strange details to life, projecting them into a humorous fantasy set in the background of post-industrial Detroit.

The adventure begins in the time-tunnel/ shadow screen where interplanetary visitors, ghosts, witches and creatures of the night are brought to vivid life. Sit back and enjoy the UFO mysteries revealed with original artwork, phantasmagoric effects, puppetry, acting and spoken word, blending into a spell-bound spectacle of light and sound!

Scary sounds ooze out of the speakers while silhouettes of space monsters flicker on the screen. Recommended for fans of disco lights, fake fur, latex monster masks, old time radio, Ed Wood Jr., and noise putty. Fasten your seat-belts for a wild trip!

The play was first commissioned by the Detroit Institute of Arts, and performed there in 2013. It was brought to the Issue Projects space in Brooklyn, New York last October. This special one night only Detroit performance has been updated with a new ending with revelations about the upcoming Presidential election! Recommended for children ages seven and up. Some scenes may be too scary for younger children or sensitive audience members.

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