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‘The End is Here’ is an independent micro-label, named after a conspiracy zine published in 1976 by DAM founding member Jim Shaw. The End is Here produces and distributes music, video, books and small editions by DAM and its related offspring. Items are available through Book Beat and select distributors. The label’s releases are all in small editions with limited availability. Other small labels with related items are also included… inquiries are welcomed.

Ordering info, contact Book Beat, 26010 Greenfield, Oak Park, MI 48237 ph:(248) 968-1190 fax: (248) 968-3102 bookbeat@aol.com or www.thebookbeat.com No Minimum order, free shipping in the USA for prepaid orders by major credit card, MO, payable to: Book Beat. Photographs of most items available at http://thebookbeat.com

“THE END IS HERE’ and this label’s artists, are collectively responsible for making the urban blight of Detroit resonate with culture.” –REAL DETROIT WEEKLY


DESTROY ALL MONSTERS – LIVE IN TOKYO & OSAKA (2004) Live recordings of DAM performances in Tokyo and Osaka, 1996. Contains early DAM heavy classics like YOU CAN’T KILL KILL and EVIL WORKS plus recent weird works like IN MEMORIAM JOHN FAHEY. DAM at their crusty metallic best with Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren, Art Byington and Dave Muller. Jewel box, Compound Annex , $14.99

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS Detroit Oratorio CD, (Compound-Annex). DAM with guest artists Charlemagne Palestine and Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) featured in long opening prologue, recorded live in Rotterdam and Vienna, 1998, a suite of Detroit related material sampled and performed at European concerts in 1998, compound annex, $14.99

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, Swamp Gas, CD released 2002 this studio recording contains Sun Ra’s voice mixed from original tapes, samples supplied by Violent Onsen Geisha and Mike Kelley’s UFO rant Dexter 1966. Includes UFO newspaper SWAMP GAS GAZETTE, with articles and rants, cosmic blob stickers. This project draws its inspiration from the great Dexter, Michigan UFO chase of 1966.comes folded in newspaper and inserted into a plastic 7″ sleeve. End is Here #015 $19.99
SWAMP GAS limited hand numbered edition of 250 w/complete set of all 8 Mike Kelley designed cosmic blob stickers boxed with a glow-in-dark space alien, swamp gas gazette, Loren’s photos of DAM at UFO site and swamp site, with small plastic bag of Dexter UFO swamp dirt sample collected by DAM, and special 20 page designed cosmic clip-art booklet, CD in special jewel box package, and all stuffed into hand painted psychedelic splatter boxes,(few left) TEIH #016  $75.00

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, PIG CD End is Here , 1997 68 minute remix of the BACKYARD MONSTER TUBE cassette release from 1995 with 22 minute bonus track recorded live in Tokyo Japan at the DEEP Gallery, 1996. in a 3 color folder, packaged in resealing “jap-pak” The text of PIG is included. Taken from an anti-religious rant found on the streets of L.A., PIG is an intense and strange freakout. Time Stereo packaging– one of DAM’s favorite recordings, edition of 1000 $19.99 (under 100 available).

CD. 45 minute one track produced from tapes 1973-1995 CD, stereo sound collage by Destroy All Monsters, mixed with random radio noise, End is Here # 03, limited edition CD/CD-ROM $25 (under 50 left)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS Silver Wedding Anniversary CD full length released on Sympathy For The Record Industry in 1996. 15 song selections from the 1995 DAM reunion tour. Of original line-up: Kelley, Loren, Shaw and Niagara (under 50 available) $19.99
DESTROY ALL MONSTERS:”Detroit Rock City” (limited edition, monkey fur box edition ) 7″ Publisher: Ecstatic Peace/ Father Yod/ End is Here, 7″ recording on CLEAR vinyl;, numbered limited edition of 250 in fake fur lined ox, produced in 1995, fewcopies only:$150.

Destroy All Monsters Sextet 12″ LP produced by printed matter in 2009, edition of 500 $30

MONSTER ISALND: FROM THE MICHIGAN FLOOR CD, released 2009 contains all 11 tracks on the 1997 LP plus 11 bonus tracks never released before, taken from studio recordings and a few outtakes from Dream Tiger. Dedicated to the memory of Theresa Duncan.  The End is Here catalog #19 $14.99

MONSTER ISLAND: CHILDREN OF MU“  released in December, 2007, this double LP presents music about the lost continent of Mu and charts the migration of Shadow Theater from its psychic/astral origins to the beginning of avant-garde Paris and the invention of cinema at the end of the 19th century. Limited edition of 500 copies. Cover designed by artist Gary Panter, The End is Here #17-18 time: 72 minutes 2xLPs, few left, $30

MONSTER ISLAND: DREAM TIGER, CD 13 song acid-folk LP features a mixture of ethnic folk instruments: (Oud, Sitar, Tanpura, Harmonium, Shakuhachi, Djembe, Gamelon Gendar and African percussion) mixed with traditional (Guitars, Bass, Violin, Cello, Flute, Drums) and novelty sounds: (Chinese organ, Water harp, Mini-moog, Toy piano, gongs). songs recorded in the summer of 2000 and mixed by Warn Defever. 13 tracks time: 40 minutes, 4 color sleeve/jewel box and shrink-wrapped. End is Here #12 $14.99

MONSTER ISLAND : Peyotemind with John Sinclair, CD a project that began while researching the Music is Revolution CD. (EIH#10) A 1963 student notebook written by John Sinclair was found in a box of papers, it included poetry and an essay written while under the influence of peyote. This would result a year later in the formation of the Detroit Artists Workshop- the first avant-garde collective of artists, poets and musicians in Detroit– and the root of psychedelic culture in the Midwest. This work became the main 33 minute track for the Peyotemind CD, an improvisation recorded by Monster Island with vocals added by the author John Sinclair. An important contribution to psychedelic literature Peyotemind was recorded in one take in the fall of 2000. Included are two other Monster Island improvisations; Ganges Dawn and Eternal Now- an homage to Alice Coltrane. The last track is Sinclair’s “Monk in Orbit” recorded live in Detroit again with John Sinclair on vocals and special guest Len Bukowski on bass clarinet. 4 track CD, time: 68 minutes, 4 color sleeve/jewel box and shrink-wrapped. End is Here #14 $14.99

MONSTER ISLAND,from the michigan floor’12″ vinyl LP. Monster Island’s first recording from 1995,  with Warn Defever (His Name is Alive) Erika Hoffman (Godzuki) and Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats) and Cary Loren with 4-color collage and colorful lyric booklet on Ecstatic Peace!/ Father Yod,/ End is Here Label. edition of 500 copies pressed 12 songs — $75., CD available with 13 extra bonus tracks $14.99

NIGHTCRAWLERZ: THE THIRD MIND: Nightcrawlerz 1979-1989 2xCD set, art collective formed in Detroit in the late 70’s by Cary Loren and Barry Roth. Recording found-sound, destroyed writing and deconstructed music. 24 page illustrated booklet with excerpts from the 8 released issues of the Nightcrawlerz zine, includes 4 postcards with annotated listings, manifesto, poems and sticker seals. The double CD set is contained in a crystal clear envelope, edition limited to 500 copies, End is Here #013, $24.99

MUSIC IS REVOLUTION is a 72 minute spoken word CD that tells the history of the radical politics of the late 1960’s and White Panther Party. Recorded from the archives of the John and Leni Sinclair library at the Bentley Historical Library edited from over 50 hours of taped conversations and interviews, includes the famous Weathermen Report’ and Declaration of War by Bernadine Dohrn, jail house interview with Black Panther founder Bobby Seale, J.C. Crawford on Zenta religion, WABX air-ace jocks, John Sinclair, Joseph Jarman and many others’.meetings of WPP, Rainbow People’s Part, etc. Includes a 16 page booklet with excerpts from the visual and written material in the library” packed with Gary Grimshaw art, MC5 flyers, 60s street art. Edition of 800 copies, jewel case and booklet (less than 50 copies remain) End is Here #010 $25.

THE SPIRIT GIRLS: 2007 release by Marnie Weber collects the songs of an all-girl band of dead girls, who join together to form a rock band. Beautiful, etherial psychedelic and unhinged project by artist Marnie Weber. Full color booklet with Spirit girl photos, End is Here records (westcoast) $14.99

MARNIE: CRY FOR HAPPY CD. 14 tracks of psychedelic insight by this native Los Angeles based solo performance artist. (Marnie is married to Jim Shaw. and was a founder of LA’s Party Boys).“Lydia Lunch meets Lewis Carroll in a childhood dream laced with happy bunnies, surreal stories, and DIY psychedelia.’—Option 1/97 Ecstatic Peace! # 86/The End is Here #05, CD $14.99

PERFECT ME: THE VERY BEST OF THE PERFECT ME CD –a Marnie Weber/ Jim Shaw End is Here production. Beautiful 2002 psychedelic release by these deranged and marvelous West Coast artists. Jewel box and shrink-wrap. $14.99 THE GOBBLER: SKIN OF FLESH ALMIGHTY CD produced by Mike Kelley, with Art Byington and Dave Muller, featured vocalist/artist Paul McCarthy,& Cameron Jamie deranged full length CD. Spooky shop-of-horrors and comedic outtakes from live performances and studio recordings by this legion group of dysfunctional west-coast art/slobs. In cardboard sleeve with Kelley drawing on cover CD.Compound Annex release $14.99

THE POETICS-3CD SET produced by Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler, covers the years 1978-1982. Seldem heard Cal Arts band, doing performance art and a collage of material and investigation similar to the DAM box set and LAFMS. 2001, Compound Annex release 3xCD, inserts. $39.95

POETICS: CRITICAL INQUIRY IN GREEN: CD with Kelley and Oursler, more outrage, newer stuff from the mad fringe, single CD release on Compound Annex label, made for Documentia 2001 exhibition, shrink-wrapped in jewel box with band artwork. $14.99

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS ?– Get Out Of My Bedroom – A Mix Tape (2011) University of Boston Art Gallery. A paperback catalog with artwork, discography and two essays by Byron Coley and Brandon Joseph, a CD is included of practices and live performances from all periods of the band’s history. SOLD OUT

KIM FOWLEY’S Psychedelic Dogs ?– Detroit Invasion (2014), This was the last LP by Fowley a live recording made with Detroit musicians and recorded a few months before he died. SOLD OUT.

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS/ LONELY STREET: Tender Moments From The Mobile Homestead (2016) limited edition CDr produced for a DAM exhibition at the Horse Hospital, London, UK (2016) songs based on crooner music collected by Mike Kelley, performed by Cary Loren, Jim Shaw and Cameron Jamie. CD comes with a photograph mounted greeting card, edition of 100. SOLD OUT


DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: GROw LiVe MONSTERS DVD – one hour of early DAM films; 1971-76, directed by Cary Loren, 8mm, super 8 and 16 mm, all original DAM soundtrack, images from original films shot in Detroit/Ann Arbor area, titles include: The Blood of God, Church of Anthrax, Iconoclastic Age of the Lobsters and Return of the Spiders, Elmo the Geek, Ninth Day, Horror of Beatnik Beach, actors include DAM members and A2 sceansters, extras include: the films “DAM Invades Seattle,2000, Shake a Lizard Tail, and Monsters Redux”,concert footage, photos and band memoribila, “Hometown Horrors’ slide show and hidden Easter Eggz, total time 148 minutes ,all regions, includes 8 page color booklet with interview of director ‘Son of the Creature’ by Brandon W. Joseph. $14.99
“They came, they saw, they destroyed minds, morals and monsters, sometimes all at once. That was Detroit’s legendary Destroy All Monsters, who shuddered into existence circa 1973 as a kind of twisted, avant-garde art project by University of Michigan students Cary Loren (vocals, guitar), Jim Shaw (guitar) and Mike Kelley (drums, tapes) and, eventually, fellow artist/singer Niagara ”think Velvet Underground meets the Plastic Ono Band.”

In 1994 Kelley assembled a sprawling, wigged-out three-CD box set of the group’s early years for Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! Label, Destroy All Monsters 1974 1976. Now, against all odds, comes an actual Destroy All Monsters DVD, due April 24 from MVD Entertainment Group.” — Source: Harp Magazine “Detroit “Avant-Punk” Legends Destroy All Monsters to Issue DVD”

MC5: KICK OUT THE JAMS DVD a 30 minute freakout collage of original footage shot by Leni Sinclair of the MC5 in Detroit and Ann Arbor from 1966-1968, edited and assembeled by Cary Loren Includes the seminal video “Kick Out the Jams“ a revolutionary tract in light and shadow, montaged as a psychedelic lightshow by Trans Love Energies from the heyday of the Grande Ballroom, live performances, from Ann Arbor Free summer concerts, High School hops, and drug soaked ballrooms, derived from low budget 8mm and 16 mm home movies, rare Belle Isle Love-in footage included,  a wild 30 minute interview with band manager John Sinclair at Crazy Jims in Ann Arbor with his Peyotemind playing in the background is a special bonus track. Authorized artifact of avant-rock that started it all, total time: 1 hour, $14.99

a Destroy All Monster sticker collection, second series. Over 20 different images on crack-and-peel stickers designed by the Destroy All Monsters collective, that reflect projects covered 1996-2002. . Included in every sack is a White Panther Party button. Sticker designs by Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw and Cary Loren. The set is contained in a plastic 7″ sleeve with an illustrated topper.total of 300 sets, produced for the Whitney Biennial 2002, (less than 10 avaalable) $35.00

Destroy All Monsters: Geisha ThisDESTROY ALL MONSTERS: GEISHA THIS! Hand-made book crammed with student era artwork by DAM, w/ manifestos, rants, etc.. –compiles all 6 issues of DAM magazine (1975-79) includes band news-clippings, history, reviews, original flexi-disc recording with 3 songs, peanut butter poster, Kelley’s liner notes to the original 3-CD set, defunct discography, 120+ pages with hundreds of photos, over 25 multi-colored inks used on 30 different colored and textured papers, a mid-west psychedelic trashart, printed and hand-bound in Detroit. Included is a one-of-a-kind hand made splatter painting. Niagara designed florescent pink and silver covers, This third and final edition. of 2,000 copies is sold out. few remaining copies $125.00

Monster Blob Silkscreen: Jim Shaw silk-screen based on a drawing from 1975, includes red, black and gold hand splatter-painting. This is the ultra-strange Monster Blob silk-screen in an edition of 100 produced for the Destroy All Monsters Japanese tour and Tokyo’s Deep gallery in 1996. Each hand-pulled silk-screen is unique on high quality watercolor rag paper, a beautiful organic monster mash graphic, large 22’x36′ silkscreen SOLD OUT.

MEDITATIONS: A SUITE FOR JOHN COLTRANE by John Sinclair –A small 7×9″ oblong chapbook of poems by John Sinclair in honor of John Coltrane, was first published in 1967 by the Detroit Artists Workshop Press. This facsimile edition is limited to 500 copies in honor of the 40th anniversary of the books publication and as a memorial for the 40th anniversary of John Coltrane’s passing in 2007. A new portrait photograph of the author by Leni Sinclair was substituted for this edition. The photo features John Sinclair in a handmade Mu-Mu during the Belle-Isle Love-in of 1967, sportting a “Psychedelic Ranger” button. King of the Hippies! Rock On! The back cover photograph features John Coltrane meeting the author in 1966. Images by Leni Sinclair. Facsimile of a Detroit Artist Workshop press book, original copies are very scarce. $14.99

Destroy All Monsters Peanut Butter Motherfucker Tee-shirt designed by artist and DAM founding member  Jim Shaw. 3 color silk-screened on 100% cotton white T,  available in S, M, L, XL $25.00

WHITE PANTHER PARTY BUTTON 1″ pin backed button of the white panther party designed by Gary Grimshaw, with “music is revolution” around panther – wear the revolution! SOLD OUT

Hungry for Death St Louis; Gorilla poster by Cameron Jamie silkscreen 20×24″ poster for White Flag Projects, St. Louis, edition of 100,  few available, $125 unsigned, $500 signed

Hungry for Death Rome; double sided poster by Jim Shaw and Cary Loren $25

Hungry for Death London by the Savage Pencil – edition of 75 numbered and signed copies  $75.00

Destroy All Monster Magazine 1976-1979 complete reprint of all issues  $125  signed limited edition $500

Return of the Repressed Prism Gallery catalog $34.95   signed limited edition $500

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Monster Masher Trading Cards, 80 images 40 double sided cards, edition of 200  with two stickers and buttons, $40

Hungry for Death: DAM catalog from Boston University gallery, texts by Byron Coley, Brandon Joseph and Cary Loren contains a CD of unreleased DAM material, 2011  $25.00

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  1. I’m a musician in Detroit. Does “The End is Here” help to produce new music or is it solely for DAM releases? I would be interested in working to produce and release an album with an independent, Michigan-based label.

  2. Hi Derek,

    The End is Here is fairly inactive with no set number of releases, and little or no budget. Most of our releases have been DAM or related music. There have been a few exceptions such as John Sinclair and Kim Fowley and the Psychedelic Dogs. I would suggest looking at more high-profile labels- thank you for stopping by.


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