I was just saddend to learn that after five years, L.A.’s Arthur magazine has ceased its publication with its March 2007 issue. It was one of the amazing highlights to receive and distribute this incredible and Free! publication. The information that Arthur gathered, was one of the few places to find it in print. One of my favorite review column’s was the irrepressable “Bull Tounge” by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore. I’m pleased to note, Bull Tounge will continue as an online review available at: Ecstatic Peace!, a site worth checking out for its amazing/eclectic noise videos and sound/art label distribution.

First based in Chicago, Arthur managed to put out a psychedelic designed zine that reviewed many underground and neglected music styles. It was defintely not mainstream media , but managed to deliver 50,000 copies to over 120 cities nationwide. They sponsored music festivals and other cash raising events, but their funds and support eventually dried up.

“Besides the exploration of psych-folk and the surrounding sub-genres, the magazine regularly featured guest contributors including, but not limited to, Thurston Moore, Will Oldham, and Spike Jonze, and, while concentrating on music and culture, thoughtfuly covered a wide variety of subjects of social importance. An explanation of the publication’s closure can be found on it’s website. All the best to those who contributed to a great magazine.” Source :Aquarium

Arthur Magazine
First published October 2002
Published as a free paper, Arthur has the vibe of the old underground counter-cultural magazines, complete with lefty politics and a thirst for all kinds of psychedelic music. While it covers a lot of ground, including food, sex, culture and politics, the staff has excellent taste in music, and always introduces something new and interesting that I had never heard.” from the site FAST N’ BULBOUS Last of the Independents: Five Music Magazines That Mattered

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