Sameach Pesach! (Happy Passover!)

Elijah being touched by an Angel, etching for the Biblical Message by Marc Chagall, 1952-1957

We are grateful for all the support and blessings we’ve received during the past week. And we hope to continue to serve and supply books and educational material to this fine community. Thank you for your kindness and continued good will to us during this brief time of darkness we’re all going through. We wait patiently for the time we can open our doors and great you all in person once more. Here are some ways you can stay in touch with us during the pandemic: How Are We Doing?

Some recent links to catalogs at our online shop:

Children’s Passover Books

Jewish & Yiddish history, religion and culture

Wellness: body, mind, and spirit

Gardening, indoor plants, trees and mushrooms

Book Beat bestsellers then and now

Barak Obama’s favorite books (a selection)

“You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

  • Exodus 22:21

    Charleton Heston film still from Cecil B. DeMille’s epic “Ten Commandments”, 1956

Ten Secrets of the Ten Commandments – Huffington Post


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