Book Beat at is live! is an online ordering site that has been set up as a small alternative to Amazon and benefits all independent booksellers who have joined the cooperative. was founded by an independent publisher who wanted to create an alternative to the 900 pound gorilla online. Bookshop is an online extenion of our store and a service for customers who wish to support independent shops online.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine was brought to our attention by our staff and customers. Andy Hunter, the brainchild of explained the new site;  “, a website that went live at the end of January and is still in beta mode, is designed to be an alternative to Amazon, and to generate income for independent bookstores. And, perhaps more importantly, it seeks to give book reviewers, bloggers and publications who rely on affiliate income from “Buy now” links to Amazon a different option….“We don’t have to beat Amazon for this to succeed…All we have to do is get a very small number of socially conscious consumers to choose Bookshop instead of Amazon…If we were to get 1% of Amazon’s book sales that would be a massive level of support for bookstores,” he said.” –-Forbes Magazine

We support the efforts at Bookshop as an alternative for online shopping. inventory and shipping is handled by Ingram distribution, one of the largest book distributors in the country. Book Beat’s small online version of our store contains 25 catalogs of new books (and growing). We feature some our bestselling backlist books, including recent titles that we also stock instore. If you don’t see what your looking for or have suggestions for us, please let us know at: We want Bookshop to be easy to search and access from anywhere. You can cannect to our catalogs online here:

Thank you for your continued support of indie shops and the Book Beat. Please pass the word about This could make a difference in how we support our community

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