Punk House: a zine, etc.,

Cover of Punk House zine by Savage Pencil.

Punk House was an installation curated by Cary Loren with a recording, video and zine project co-produced by Loren, MoCAD and Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead in 2017. The record cover, zine cover and installation murals in the Mobile Homestead were designed by artist Savage Pencil. The zine/catalog was produced in risograph, silkscreen and woodcut, in a numbered edition of 150 copies. A single copy was gifted to each of the artists. A signed limited edition of 15 copies were made with a hand-sewn binding; each copy containing an original Savage Pencil “Fly” drawing in silver ink on black paper, signed and numbered on the reverse, with an embossed Sav X stamp on the mount. The special edition is available at Book Beat’s backroom gallery.

Cover of the Punk House Lp by Savage Pencil.

The Punk House zine is a low-fi mix of art, photography, and Michigan band flyers reproduced in silkscreen, woodcut and multi-color risography.  Included are works by; Leni Sinclair, Savage Pencil, Gary Panter, Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw,  Cameron Jamie, Sue Rynski, Chris Pottinger, Jimbo Easter, Thomas Carey, Davin Brainard, Rotland Press, Dennis Tyfus, Timmy Vulgar, Jad Fair, David Fair, Jonnie Prey, Suzy Poling Michael Dykehouse, and Cary Loren. Most of the artists above were featured in the Punk House installation and some were featured on the record and DVD insert. 

Bound into the zine is a two-hour DVD with contemporary music videos and live performances from the 1970s until now.  Local bands on the DVD include; ADULT., Bobby Harlow, Aaron Dilloway, The Boners, Cinecyde, Cotton Museum, Jimbo Easter, Majic Robot Films, Princess Dragon-Mom, Monster Island, Nautical Almanac, Odd Clouds, Pod Blotz, The Beast People, Outrageous Cherry, Destroy All Monsters, Timmy’s Organism, Tyvek, Wolf Eyes and the Wolfman Band. A special appearance at the Hamtramck “Blow-Out” by Kim Fowley and the Psychedelic Dogs appears to be Fowley’s last live performance.

The Punk House 12″ Lp includes tracks by ADULT., Timmy Vulgar, Jad and David Fair (from 1/2 Japanese), Galen, Druid Perfume, The Whales, Outrageous Cherry, Wolf Eyes, The Wolfman Band, Pod Blotz, Cotton Museum, Cinecyde, The Boners, Cannibal, Princess Dragon-Mom, Odd Clouds, Jamie Easter, Monster Island, Michael Dykehouse, Destroy All Monsters, and The Beast People. Album liner notes were written by Glen Morren, The Lp was pressed at Third Man Pressing in an edition of 300 copies. The cover features a silkscreen produced at ESP in Detroit by Savage Pencil. The zine, record and DVD were edited by Cary Loren and co-produced in conjunction with MoCAD.

The Punk House installation was open from Sept. 8, 2017 through January 7, 2018. Details about the exhibit are available at MoCAD.The video below was produced by MoCAD and contains scenes from the installation and a short interview with the artist Savage Pencil.

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