MOCAD_Calamity_Presents.jpgThe “Rehearsal for the Destruction of Mu” is a live shadow theater & musical lightshow exotica coming May 10th at the MOCAD cement pastry palace and funky prayer & novelty shop in the heart of the art ghetto. Monster Isalnd’s cosmic calamity troupe will dazzle and bewilder the young and old with their ancient and modern low-fi psychedelic pyrotechnics. Performing will be; narrator, synth and harmonium player Aliccia Berg, on sitar, bass and guitar: Matthew Smith, lighting FX and percussion Jamie Easter, violinist: Mary Alice, puppeteer artist Tom Carey, samples, lighting, etc., Cary Loren.    Come See the CTHULU monster awake from a dreaming sleep! Come See a Clash of Planets collide in a firey ball of destruction! See the mysterious and exotic hanging gardens from ancient Babylon! Hear the celestial bells and droning eternal rhythms! Witness the flood and cataclysmic debris! See the Lost Princess of Mu and the ghost of Alfred Jarry! Showtime at 9 PM.

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  1. Oh man — if this fabulous event was not on the same night as the Detroit Derby Girls Championship DoubleHeader, I would SO be there!!! PLEASE let me know if you ever plan another performance! Please.

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