Mu_theater15web.jpgA Monster Island Shadow Theater production: “Rehearsal for the Destruction of Mu: The art-form of the future!”, will be performed during the opening of “3 the Hard Way”, new art work by Tom Carey, Topher Crowder and Dennis Jones. At the Zeitgeist Gallery, 2661 Michigan Avenue, 313-965-9192, The reception for the artists will run February 16th, from 7 pm to midnight, with music around 9pm. There will also be music and visuals by psych freaks UVU. Monster Island will be joined by musicians Jimbo Easter, Mary Alice and Matthew Smith. Hold on to your retinas.Muflyer.jpg

On left: Mu woodcut/flyer by Tom Carey.

A description of the Mu shadow theater play is available in the online post: Monster Island at the UFO Factory.

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