Strange Frut: Rock Apocrypha at Le Magasin

This exhibit at Le Magasin in Grenoble features three sound installations, all being seen in France for the first time. This exhibition is an indirect homage to the visual identity forged by the English and North American punk scenes in the 1970s and 80s, whose considerable influence on the visual arts has been mediated by a number of figures, Mike Kelley being the best known of these. The three sound installations include: 1.Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Jutta Koether, 2.Destroy All Monsters (Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren) and 3.Linder Sterling (Morrissey, Buzzcocks).

The DAM installation “Strange Früt: Rock Apocrypha,” was previously shown in the 2002 Whitney Biennial NYC, 2001 at the DIA Detroit, 2000 at COCA in Seattle, and 1998 at the Boymanns museum and “i Rip You, You Rip Me” festival in Rotterdam. To learn more about this work read Strange Früt: Rock Apocrypha, a look at Detroit culture by the Destroy All Monsters Collective.

Replay: The Aesthetics of Art and Music / PunkJune 4 – September 3 2006 from Tuesday to Sunday, 2 -7 pm, Opening 3 June at 6 pm. Visit the Magasin at Magasin Museum Online

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