Chuckerman Makes a Movie (book signing) at SHE

Author Francie Arenson Dickman will be presenting her book Chuckerman Makes a Movie at a special event on Monday, Nov. 12 from 6-8 PM at the fashionable SHE boutique located at 6400 Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills. Books will be available courtesy of Book Beat (248) 968-1190.

“A funny, romantic story about how “the road you think you’re not taking can become the road you’re actually on.” —Kirkus Review

“Love matters a little, but luck matters more.”

The words of thirty-five-year-old David Melman’s Jewish grandmother still haunt him. He’s scared to settle down. Instead, he dates twenty-something pop stars that he meets through his celebrity-branding business. But when his niece and nephew inform him that he’s hit “rock bottom” with his latest inappropriate relationship, David realizes that changemight be in order—so when his sister Marcy, with her own ulterior motive, pushes him to take a film-writing class taught by her friend Laurel, he agrees.

Will writing a movie about a childhood visit to his grandparents in Florida, an unforgettable driving lesson, and a 1977 Cadillac bring David love? Luck? Or both?

Alternating between David’s present-day life and his past through his movie script, Chuckerman Makes a Movie is a romantic comedy blended with a comedic coming-of-age.

“Through my writing, I’m able to skew reality in such a way that whatever the issue of the day (and there always is an issue of the day), it seems much less dire when I’m done writing about it. I credit my writing with keeping me in school, off drugs, married, and out of the eye of child protective services.” –Francie Arenson Dickman


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