Art books; recent arrivals, under the radar

IMG_3540W1. World Atlas of Street Art Graffiti, hardcover $35., Yale University Press,  “Rafael Schacter, a British curator and anthropologist, has bundled into the book’s 400 pages a range of styles and modes offering a rare and pleasant encounter with art in which the critic stays (mostly) out of the way . . . Incorporating histories of graffiti in cities like São Paulo and Tokyo, the book shows us a medium exceptional in its grasping for an essence of place and time. Oh, and it’s beautiful, too.”—New York Times Book Review

2. The Work of Art: Folk Artists in the 21st CenturyThis beautiful book tells the story of the bold vision and hope of the International Folk Art Market—to bring the importance of artisan work into the light . . . the Market leads the way in recognition of this critical sector.” —Peggy Clark, Vice President, Aspen Institute, Director, The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise: International Folk Art Market

3. Leonora Carrington “Leonora Carrington developed an iconography of myth, occultism and alchemy that has resonated strongly with younger artists over the past decade and a half… This is the first overview of her work to be published since her death in 2011 at the age of 94. Beautifully produced, with a faux-leather binding, a die-cut cover with foil stamping and 138 color plates (including two gatefolds), this volume looks at the many influences on Carrington’s many lives. It explores the Celtic imagery that enchanted her as a child, and the Mexican myths, imagery and stories that informed the second half of her career.” -DAP

4. Antoni Gaudí: Create Your Own City Sticker Book, paperback $9.95, Filled with Gaudí’s whimsical designs, this sticker book lets kids flex their creative muscles in the style of one of the world’s favorite architects. Using pages of colorful stickers to inspire learning and creativity, this entertaining book will encourage young readers to build their own Gaudí-like creations while teaching them much about the architect’s life and accomplishments.

5.  Wild Art ,”Outsider-art fans will love the book’s unexpected juxtapositions and raw, energetic imagery. Pop culture scholars will appreciate the open-armed variety and inclusion of commercial “art” like the Disneyland castle.” 350 color illus. -Pub. Weekly

6. Your Everyday Art World, Hardcover, $24.95. “With prose of galvanizing punch and verve, Lane Relyea details the ways in which the flesh of art responds to the new spirit of capitalism, providing a Benjaminian jolt of homeopathic recognition. At once highly personal and rigorously engaged, this book is a model of committed criticism and a must for anyone committed to the long front of culture — including to writing well about art.” — Judith Rodenbeck, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Sarah Lawrence College; author of Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings

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  1. World Atlas of Street Art Graffiti is the book I’d like to purchase from you rather th a n from a big box store – how do I make that happen?

  2. I’ll check on this book tomorrow — and will send you an invoice when its ready to be shipped — you may pay by paypal, check or call with a CC#, if you’re local to metro-Detroit it can be picked up in person. Please send us your shipping address in an email to: –thank you!

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