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Work6IconSunday, October 18th: Afternoon Discussion on the Detroit Artist Workshop Press with John Sinclair and Mike Jernigan

Join us on Sunday, October 18th at 2:00 PM for a panel discussion and celebration of the Detroit Artists Workshop Press with founder/poet John Sinclair, author/historian Mike Jernigan and composer/ poet James Semark.

Mike Jernigan will present his new bibliography on the DAW press that has been recently published. This is the first full length bibliography done on the Workshop Press – amazing in detail, with full-color illustrations of every book and finely researched. A great tool for future historians and collectors of this landmark underground press.

John Sinclair has  two recent books published by Headpress in the UK.  An anthology of writing, It’s All Good, and Headpress 28 (a collection of essays on culture and politics edited by Sinclair). Both books will be on hand as well as recent spoken word/ & music CD releases.

Poet, activist and composer James Semark will also be present. Semark is co-founder of the original Workshop and has continued its DIY tradition with an online presence for the Detroit Artists Workshop . Semark spearheaded the recent publication of Work 6 Anthology Project, a brave new anthology of current Detroit writing and a continuation of the Artists Workshop press and idea. Copies of Work#6 will be available for purchase.

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