Memory Project

The Dalai Lama, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, once wrote: “In striving for a more compassionate society, we believe that helping young people learn about international humanitarian issues will encourage them to grow into adults dedicated to working for positive change.” The Memory Project produces individual portraits for children living in orphanages around the world. Given that children who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, or orphaned usually have few personal keepsakes, the purpose of the portraits is to provide them with a special memory of their youth and to help honor their heritage and identity.In our Books of Hope program, students at any level are invited to create thoughtful, educational, or entertaining books as a way of reaching out to children experiencing extreme challenges. Currently, the program is focused on children in Uganda and India who have been victims of war and slavery.Through the efforts of these two programs, the Memory Project hopes to raise awareness of the needs and rights of children around the world.
Education is much more than a matter of imparting the knowledge and
skills by which narrow goals are achieved. It is also about opening the child’s eyes to the needs and rights of others.


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