Punk House Lp

“It starts out with a bracing live track from synth-punk heroes ADULT., then there’s a Timmy Vulgar track about a badass rocker girl who prefers the Stones to the Beatles. Jad and David appear twice (and several more times on the download-only bonus tracks) and also write a song about the Stones (“Mick Called Charlie”), and there’s Beefheartian weirdness from Jimbo, solo and as part of Druid Perfume. Of course Destroy All Monsters and other related projects provide prophecies of musical freedom. The Whales (with shrieks by Godzuki’s Erika Hoffmann) and Princess Dragonmom provide noise, while Dykehouse and Cotton Museum provide creepy, queasy synths. There’s also some straight up psych-pop from Outrageous Cherry, and the one and only Wolfman Band with their update of the Sonics’ “The Witch” (retitled “She’s My Wolf”). Pod Blotz’ pulsating death electronics certainly deserve a shout-out as well. The LP, as well as the entire exhibit, is an excellent artifact of the Detroit underground scene, past present and future.” –The Answer is the Beat

Punk House record with original silkscreen cover by SavX, liner notes by Glen Morren and download card for the Lp +13 bonus tracks, edition of 300 copies.

$ 40.00