Monster Island: Children of Mu (double set of 12″ LPs, vinyl recordings)

A History of Ancient Civilizations from Mu to the Avant-Garde

The Children of Mu is a group of songs & performance that revolve around the psychic and popular origins of Mu, a lost continent (and counterpart to Atlantis) some believe to be fiction and others the cradle of civilization, and relevant to our present condition.

Mu has been mythologized by the founder of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, who published her findings in The Secret Doctrine , 1886, based on an ancient Indian manuscript she called The Book of Dzyan. Blavatsky contends that Mu was a land bridging India and Africa and was inhabited by our spiritual ancestors, non-physical “psychic beings.”

In 1926, occult author Col. James Churchward published The Lost Continent of Mu. He claimed his knowledge of Mu came from an Indian (Naga) source. For Churchward, Mu was an advanced civilization that existed 50,000 years ago and formed the basis for all Sun/God based civilizations such as the Maya, Nascals and ancient Egypt. Churchward claims a cataclysmic event caused the destruction of Mu resulting in over 64 million deaths. The migration of Mu resulted in the expanded consciousness of mankind, populating the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, China and South America. Shadow theater was the manifestation of myths and psychic storytelling, migrating to the orient and winding up in the roots of the 19th century avant-garde, and the birth of cinema.

The Children of Mu is a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies, double LPs, in mint/ new condition with cover art by Gary Panter.

Vocals:Lee Ambrozy 2,3,4,11,12. Aliccia Berg 3,5,7-9. Noelle Christine 6,10. Anneke Auer 13,14 and H.H. Acharyaji Meenakshi Devi 13,14. Matthew Smith:Hammond B-3, guitar, bass, mandolin, pipa, sitar. Cary Loren: harmonium, guitar, toy piano, moog, angklung, tanpura, vocals 5,9,11, recording mix. David Altwerger: percussion.Tim Barnes: percussion on 13. Mattin:noise 13. Bill Brovald: Bass 5, whistles, recording engineer. Robert Waller: analog synth 10. Len Bukowski: Bass Clarinet 13,14. Johnny Evans: Tenor Sax 14. Warn Defever: mastering. Chinese translation: Lee Ambrozy. French translation: Noelle Christine Words & Music by Cary Loren (c) (p) 2007, BMI. The Riegal: copyright Tom Rapp. Recorded in Detroit at Koko Studios. 2xLP. The End is Here #15.

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