Monster Island: From the Michigan Floor LP

Psych/folk songs about authors and artists, features members of Destroy All Monsters, Outrageous Cherry, His Name is Alive and Godzuki, a combination of acoustic and electric instruments, vinyl 33 1/3 rpm with 20 page silkscreened lyric booklet and full color collage cover, (partially shown here), as new in resealable plastic pouch. Recorded in 1995, very few copies remain from an edition of 500 printed as a split release from Ecstatic Peace!/Father Yod, and The End is Here.From the Michigan Floor was Monster Island’s first release.

Monster Island is a psychedelic-folk band founded in 1995, at Alvin’s venue in Detroit. Early members included: Cary Loren, Matthew Smith, Erica Hoffman Dilloway, Warren Defever, Wade and Efe Bes. They have released five albums.

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