John Sinclair: Mobile Homeland Lp

Vinyl full length 12″ recording from Funky D records, featuring an absolutely stellar all-star cast of Detroit musicians and produced by Tino Gross, this album features Wayne Kramer (MC5), Mary Cobra (Detroit Cobras), Jimmie Bones (Kid Rock), Johnnie Bassett (Legendary Detroit Bluesman), Harmonica Shah, Jeff Grand, Dave McMurray, Johnny “Bee” Badanjek (Detroit, Mitch Ryder, Alice Cooper) and Kenny Olson (Kid Rock), among others.

“This is hopefully the first volume of ‘Mobile Homeland,’ with more volumes planned in the near future. John Sinclair’s unique brand of poetry comes across fabulously on this album, and we’re beyond proud to share this with the world!” –Funky D

“Sinclair’s latest is “Mobile Homeland,” a 10-track collection of musical poems recorded for Royal Oak-based Funky D Records. Produced by label co-founder Martin “Tino” Gross of the Howlin’ Diablos and Sinclair’s Blues Scholars band, the Detroit-centric set finds Sinclair essaying on local and international music legends, Tigers baseball, the city-suburban divide and the area’s hard-driving work ethic….“Young Detroit musicians have always looked to John for enlightenment, so I feel he was born with a lyrical sense and a direction of his own that needed to come out,” Gross explains. “I wanted to put together musical tracks that inspired John to give a great performance. I was thinking about records by Gil Scott-Heron or the Last Poets, real songs as opposed to just spoken word over a groove.”

“Mobile Homeland” was recorded during what Gross calls “two big sessions” in the studio. “It was very inspiring and really flowed in a natural way,” Gross recalls. “The heavens lined up and we could see we were hitting on some real special moments.”

Sinclair, meanwhile, is satisfied that the result “is not what you hear on a poetry record, generally speaking” and adds to the already formidable musical part of his “so-called legacy.”

“I’m a music person. My poetry starts with music,” he says. “I deal with music in different ways in my work. When I’m writing I can hear music, and then when it’s set to music it returns it to where it come from.” —Gary Graff, Oakland Press

Track Listing
Side A:
1) Cass Ave Breakdown
2) Mobile Homeland
3) Detroit Beatdown
4) Just One Big Heart
5) Friday The 13th

Side B:
6) Let’s Call This Rhythm-Inning
7) Everything Happens To Me
8) Dance Of The Infidels
9) Send In The Vipers
10) I Surrender Dear
A Digital version of the Lp is available from Funky D records HERE.

$ 20.00