Loaf: The Life and Times of Adam Willingham

Loaf: The Life and Times of Adam Willingham is the third photo zine in a series of three on graffiti writers of South West Detroit by photographer Tom Stoye. The zines are issued in an unnumbered edition of 300 copies each and are signed by the photographer.

“A visual diary of our time spent together from 2004 until his death in 2017. Loaf was instrumental in making introductions for me throughout his circle of friends. Without him, I doubt this project would have ever gained traction. This zine, along with the TECK 9 zine, were designed as memorial pieces to acknowledge and celebrate their lives and to leave something behind, a physical document, that family and friends could keep after their passing.” —-from Tom Stoye On Photography & Graffiti in SW Detroit

6″x8″ 48pps, staplebound, Black and White photos

$ 20.00