Tom Carey: Mama 3 Eyes/A Garland of Severed Heads (art zine)

“Mama Three Eyes/A Garland of Severed Heads” photo-copied limited edition comic zine drawn and copied in spring 2013. Based on Tom Carey’s shadow puppet play “Mama Three Eyes”, performed at the Detroit Institute of the Arts, part of Dlectricity held in Detroit in 2012, and again at Detroit Brain Frame, October 2013. Zine includes hand printed covers in silver metallic ink and a dvd with video of the shadow play.

Staple bound zine on pink copier paper, hand printed cover, silver ink on black tar paper, DVD folder-pouch included, attached to inside back cover. Mint copy as issued; numbered and signed edition by the artist on lower inside back cover in an edition of 40 copies, as issued in 2013

$ 75.00