Wipe That Clock Off Your Face OP

One of the coolest DVDs of the year resides inside of this very unassumimg cut-and-paste collaged up artist sketchbook. The images, over 1000 of ’em are all absurd and unforgettable found snap shots, mistakes, goof-ups and classic disfunctional family album comedies. The soundtrack is a nerve shattering maniacal organ polka and roller rink background that matches perfectly to the drone of the visuals. The entire production is a hilarious ride that will have you glued to the screen awaiting the each new catastrophe around the corner. This is the perfect holiday film — a wonderful chunk of eye-candy to keep playing in the background and enjoy with the whole family. I don’t think this short book serves Brian Belott’s work as its best display — he’s an amazing book artist and collagist — but its beautifully designed as a small children’s hardbound primer, with stylish rounded corners like early readers from the 1950s. HC, 200 color images, DVD /CD/ 96 pages

Assemblage permeates Belott’s methods; he is a master of using cast-off and neglected ephemera to create new and surprising effects. The New York Times critic Holland Cotter calls the results “”imaginatively inviting,”” and the Times’ Roberta Smith calls them “”radiant.”” The well-known painter Donald Baechler’s foreword speaks to Belott’s place in the realm of creation from found materials, and Belott’s colleagues and collaborators Taylor McKimens and Joe (Dearraindrop) Grillo contribute personal takes on his work.

$ 40.00