Tracy Gallup: Paint the Night (signed)

Q: Give us a short synopsis of the book.
A: Paint the Night is a picture book where I illustrated with watercolor paintings a poem that I wrote about a young boy who employs his imagination and a paintbrush to overcome his nighttime fears.

Q: What inspired the book?
A: Years ago an editor from Dial Books for Young Readers saw my artwork in Print magazine and it led to me illustrating a book of poetry. I was thrilled to have this experience but realized it would be more satisfying for me to illustrate my own words, so I found a wonderful critique group and began working on writing. Ten years later, my book King Cat was published, and I went on to write and illustrate seven books after that. Since we often write about what we know, I like to write about the creative process. I have an active imagination which can be a wonderful thing, but as with the boy in this book, it can get me into trouble sometimes.

Q: What was the most enjoyable part of writing your book and what was the most difficult?
A: It is thrilling to come up with an idea, to receive encouragement from others, and to dream about bringing it to fruition. I love waking up and knowing there is a project waiting to be worked on. For this particular book, I enjoyed experimenting with watercolor, making it flow across the pages in a loose way, and letting the water often direct the outcome. The hard stage for me was when I neared the end, as I had new ideas for other projects, and wanted to move on to them. To stay with one concept for an entire book can require self-discipline sometimes.

Q: Do you have any writing rituals?
A: I often get ideas and work things out when I am driving or on my daily walks.

Q: People who like your book might also like …
A: My favorite children’s book author/illustrator is M.B. Goffstein. I certainly was influenced by her work in my Stone, Shell, Tree and Snow Crazy books.

Q: What advice would you give other authors who would like to submit their works to Fifth AvenuePress?
A: Try to find a supportive critique group, for people interested in children’s books I recommend joining SCBWI, and the most important thing is to read a lot and look at inspiring art. –Interview from AADL.ORG

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