Yes, I’m Sure She’s My Mom (signed)

Freshauna Goodman had taken her 1-year-old son, Daniel, to the park to play on a sunny afternoon. As they were leaving, an older woman loudly said, “Wow! Look at your skin and look at his.”

This blunt exclamation stopped Goodman short. She did not need a stranger to point out that her son’s skin was lighter than hers.

“This distasteful statement could have made me angry and shameful,” Goodman says. But instead of accepting those feelings, Goodman sat down at her mother’s kitchen table one morning and wrote a book about it. She called it, “Yes, I’m Sure She’s My Mom.” –-Oakland Press

Yes, I’m Sure She’s My Mom, is a short, warm-hearted and reassuring book for mothers and children of all colors to help explain the subjectivity and often hurtful things that strangers may assume about skin color and parentage. Written by local Metro-Detroit author/artist and mother Freshaura Goodman, her goal was “to guide my child corrctly and to forever guard his life.” This small and easy-to-hold  guide to Antiracism is perfect for little hands and a read-a-loud for very young children.

Illustrated in full color,  5″x5″ is 24 pps., staplebound, and signed by the author.

Yes, I’m Sure She’s My Mom was written for my son, Daniel, so he won’t feel sad when strangers say mean things to him because his skin color is different than mine. I want my readers to develop an appreciation for the variety of skin tones that may be reflected within families. My goal is for diversity to be celebrated.” –Freshauna Goodman

$ 13.95