Monster Island: Dream Tiger (CD, 2000)

Dream Tiger is a 13 song CD album by the Detroit area acid-folk group Monster Island. This is their first album since the 1996 LP recording “From the Michigan Floor” on Ecstatic/Yod. Principal artists are Cary Loren (Destroy All Monsters) Warn Defever (His Name is Alive) Erika Hoffman (x-Godzuki) and Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats). This new album features a mixture of ethnic folk instruments: (Oud, Sitar, Tanpura, Harmonium, Shakuhachi, Djembe, Gamelon Gendar and African percussion) mixed with traditional (Guitars, Bass, Violin, Flute, Drums) and novelty sounds: Chinese organ, Water harp, Mini-moog, Toy piano, gongs. All songs were written by Cary Loren and recorded in the summer of 2000 and mixed by Warn Defever. 13 tracks time, total time, 40 minutes, 4 pages, color sleeve/jewel box and shrink-wrapped.

“While we don’t usually review older stuff, this 2001 disc is so gloriously haunted, rhythmic and childlike that an exception must be made. Using oud, harmonium, sitar, toy piano and something called Chinese organ, in addition to the usual rock instrumentation, the band unfurls each song like a found fairy tale gene spliced with the most exotic of flowers. The results are most lovely and imaginative.”–Scram Magazine

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