Mind Over Matter: The Myths and Mysteries of Detroit’s Fortune Records

Massive 576 pages – full color – hardcover – ltd first edition. The ultimate story about the lae, great Fortune Records, the Detroit label that continues to inspire and excite the imagination.  We hope this book will hold a treasured place in your home and that when you read it, you will flash to the “truly great music” of Fortune.

Fortune is one of those vintage R&B labels fans and collectors obsess about, with its releases spanning styles, trends, and even genres. At a mighty 500+ pages, Mind over Matter unlocks the Fortune mystique in mind-blowing detail—deep oral histories from artists and devotees, color label pix, and tons of memorabilia from the label’s people, places, and things. Casual and studio shots of the acts, trade-paper ads and reviews, pictures of clubs and neighborhood streets—it’s all here. You’ll want to eat lunch with Jack and Devora, and hang out with Nolan and Andre at the Twenty Grand. An indispensable musical and social portrait of Detroit, preserving a near-vanished era of independent labels.

$ 100.00