Destroy All Monsters: Hot Box 1974-1994 (out-of-print)

Artists : Destroy All M0nsters, Niagara
Publisher : Munster Records

Destroy All Monsters didn’t just make uncompromising and ridiculously forward-looking, sprawling art music 40 years ago, they were each ridiculously talented visual artists – Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Niagara, and Cary Loren – who went on to different levels of international fame. After Shaw and Kelley moved to California, the band took on the Miller brothers from the infamous band Sproton Layer, and then Ron Asheton from the Stooges and Michael Davis from the MC5 joined, turning the group into a juggernaut of kick-butt super-Detroit-y rockist rock. We spoke with Loren (who owns Book Beat in Oak Park) about the release of the group’s first career-spanning set, Hot Box 1974-1994, assembled by Niagara for the Spanish label Munster. –Mike McGonical, Metro Times; ‘Hot Box’ highlights both the rock side and the weird side of Destroy All Monsters

Mint condition 3x LP set, an exceptional package completely put together by and featuring  all the Niagara you could wish for. Imported, produced and shrink-wraped from Madrid, Spain, by those kooky-comb garage rock animals at Munster records. About the artists:

“Throw more gold!!” — Kim Fowley

$ 125.00