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Staying in touch with books & us

Dear Friends and Readers, THANK YOU for your patience and support! During the past few weeks we’ve removed our carpeting and are in the midst of staining and sealing the concrete floor. The work is going a bit slower than we thought (working only in the evenings) and has unfortunately postpone...


Detroit I Do Mind Dying, revisited

Ten years ago, in October 2012, Book Beat hosted a talk and book signing for author Dan Georgakas on the occasion of a new edition of his classic study on Black Liberation: Detroit I Do Mind Dying. We thought now would be a good moment to revisit this book and the associated film: Finally Got [̷...


I arrogantly recommend…vol.2 ,#4 by Tom Bowden

The World’s Poorest President Speaks Out by Gaku Nakagawa and Yoshimi Kusaba Enchanted Lion Books José Mujica served as Uruguay’s president from 2010-2015. During that time, he donated 90% of his salary to charities, keeping for himself only $1,250 a month. Rather than move into the...


Queer Mappings: Speculative Histories, Diaries, and Memoir by Tara E. Jay

A hallmark of queer experience is a lack: a lack of guideposts, roadmaps—sometimes a lack even of road—and other reassurances that the path has been forged by others who were here first. The breadcrumbs, we’re sure, were left, but may have been snatched and devoured. Was that branc...