The Alley Project

The Alley Project is the first in a series of three photo zines on graffiti writers of South West Detroit by photographer Tom Stoye. The zines are issued in an unnumbered edition of 300 copies signed by the photographer.

The Alley Project, is a brief history of the Falcon Street Alley in Southwest Detroit, better known in the neighborhood as TAP. Co-founded by Erik, TAP was, and still is, a vibrant network of places and programs along and near the alley, designed to support and facilitate the creative process, along with positive youth-adult partnerships. TAP ended up becoming a gathering place where everyone could meet.

There’s a feeling of community that provides a safe haven for young and inexperienced writers (Toys) from the neighborhood, as well as seasoned veterans (Kings) who acted as mentors to the younger writers. The Alley Project also allowed for similar mentor-mentee relationships that fit a wide variety of other interests, that besides graffiti, includes lowriding, art and photography to name a few. Aside from documenting graffiti culture, I would share my time as an adult mentor within the programs they offered to neighborhood kids.” –Tom Stoye

48 pages, 6×8″ Black and White photography, signed by Tom Stoye

$ 20.00