Tarot De Marseille – Jodorowsky & Camoin Tarot deck

This mini deck is a must for those interested in symbols of perennial mediaeval esoteric representations. For those who wish to use it as a tool for developing the Imaginative faculty, then this is, in my opinion, amongst the better modern Marseille-style decks, and hence amongst the best Tarot deck, yet available. It is certainly worth adding to any serious Tarot enthusiast’s collection.

“From the outset, we decided to work together to restore the Tarot de Marseille to its original form. Knowing secret facts regarding its history, manufacturing, tradition, and symbolism, and being in possession of the original plates, we were the only ones who could restore the original Tarot de Marseille.” –Alexandre Jodorowsky

When Philippe Camoin chose Alexandre Jodorowsky to help him to spread a secret teaching on the Tarot which had never before been revealed by anyone, he wanted simply to pass along an unknown initiatory message and to pass it along in a secret way.

But Alexandre Jodorowsky suggested that he recreate a deck of the Tarot de Marseille, which would enable him to show the world that this was truly a serious and authentic teaching. He told him that he must outdo his ancestors, correcting the errors that had been made in the old Tarot decks.

So it is thanks to the impetus given by Alexandre Jodorowsky that the Tarot de Marseille was redesigned with the codes and symbols of the secret teachings which Philippe Camoin had initially wanted to simply pass on orally. Naturally, Alexandre Jodorowsky brought his customary genius to the work; many other symbols were in this way rediscovered thanks to him.

“Sometimes we were searching for the explanation for a symbol which had disappeared. Alone, we could have searched for hundreds of years to no avail. But, as soon as we began to work together, we would find the solution immediately. One of us would propose a hypothesis. The other would suggest an improvement and advance another hypothesis. And so on… Some time later, and sometimes even after only a few minutes, we would find the answer to something that thousands of searchers of the Tarot had sought for centuries. Our enthusiasm was always equal to our discoveries.

We felt like the Masters of Tarot for the whole planet, since we were the only ones to know all its secrets, and we will always feel that way. It was an extraordinary feeling…” Philippe Camoin

During the process of restoring the Tarot, Philippe Camoin redrew all of the cards and led the investigation in collecting a vast number of ancient documents, working on his computer to reconstruct symbols that had been lost.78 cards:  4,1×7.6cm

On top of the years of research which were needed to assemble all the needed elements, Philippe Camoin passed two full years redrawing the cards. During these two years, he practically never left his Paris apartment he had taken for the project. Seven days a week, he examined the elements on his computer, redrew the tiniest stroke in each of the 78 cards with the help of a light pen. Alejandro Jodorowsky came regularly to visit and together they debated the choices and improvements to be made.

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