Sulamith Wülfing: Mother’s Wisdom

There is nothing as precious as a mother’s unconditional love. The nurturing care that comforted us as children is needed more than ever in today’s world.

The Mother’s Wisdom Deck
presents 40 wisdom cards illustrated with exquisite images by the incomparable Sulamith Wülfing, each accompanied by words of gentle wisdom from the heart of mother-love. The cards offer guidance and understanding for difficult times, or simply a daily reminder of the infinite source of divine tenderness that lives within us all.

A children’s book illustrator whose publications included The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, Sulamith Wulfing was born in Germany and raised in a household with much emphasis on spiritualism as her father was a Theosophist. By age four, she was showing artistic talent, which she later refined at the Art College in Wuppertal, graduating in 1921. She spent the next decade painting, married in 1932, and then with her husband, Otto Schulze, Jr., founded a company to print and distribute her work. The publishing house, Sulamith Wulfing Verlage, lasted until 1976, and in addition to books, produced postcards and calendars.

Their published books during the 1930s were softbound with simply designed covers, and produced at the rate of about one per years. The color plates were done on special paper and then hand inserted or ‘tipped into’ each book with a tissue cover.

Distribution methods of her work by the couple were low key, with artwork released slowly and one at a time. “There was never a massive media campaign to tell the world about her art, nor was she ever the collector’s darling . . .” This method was a reflection of her focused approach to her career, and as her own publisher, she avoided pressure by others to produce quickly to meet publication deadlines.

World War II proved very disruptive to her career as well as her personal life because much of her art was destroyed as were many other personal belongings.

In 1974, she wrote a book about her life: Band XXV: Das Album. It was done with the same unassuming presentation as the 24 books preceding it that she had illustrated and that had been released from her publishing house. In 1992, the book Sulamith Wulfing appeared, which was a compilation of her work with black and white and color drawings and many photos from her personal life. At the end of her essay of introduction to the book, she wrote of her life’s work: “My drawings are a visual representation of my deepest feelings—pleasure, fear, sorrow, happiness, humor. And, to people attuned to my compositions, they may well be mirrors of their own experiences. . . . For me it is not a matter of creating illustrations to fit nursery rhyme themes. My ideas come to me from many sources, and in such harmony with my personal experiences that I can turn them into these fairy compositions.”

Sulamith Wulfing died in 1989, and her son, Otto Schulze, Jr., continues to publish her work.

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