Portraits of American Bikers: Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out: Portraits of American Bikers, the Flash Collection II is the second in an eventual three-book series unveiling the priceless vintage photographs of Jim “Flash” 1%er Miteff.

As in the first book, “Portraits of American Bikers in the 1960s”, the photos in “Inside Looking Out” center on the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, one of the largest 1%er MC clubs in the country. But the images in both books go far beyond a single subject. The stark black-and-white, large-format photographs dissect an entire era of the 1960s. They grab you with a grip that was much tighter back then, when it comes to the pure abandon and wildness of the motorcycle culture.

“Inside Looking Out” differs from the first book in its inclusion of some current photos of the OMC. Especially compelling are the then and now images of members who have given decades of their lives to the club. These pictures alone speak much more than a thousand words about the strength and longevity of this brotherhood.

Respectfully compiled by Miteff’s daughter, Beverly Roberts, the photos presented are brilliant in their composition, in their intensity, and most importantly in that they are real!

large format oblong photo book,9×12″

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