Our Walk in the Woods (Hardcover)

Nothing is more fun than a walk in the woods on a sunny spring day. Abbey and her dog Kirby get up early every Saturday to explore the hills above the river, but they don’t always see things quite the same.

Abbey likes to smell the lovely spring flowers.
Kirby likes to chase the small animals he smells along the way.

Abbey checks out the animal footprints in the mud.
Kirby loves to burrow in the dirt.

Abbey sits in the sun on the riverbank, feeling the wind on her face.
Kirby paddles in the water, chasing the ducks and geese.

Although they may not always agree, they’ll walk in the woods again tomorrow.

Charity Nebbe spent her childhood wandering the prairies and woodlands of Iowa. Now she explores the woods near Dexter, Michigan where she lives with her husband, daughter, and son. They share their small home with three wonderful mutts, five lazy housecats, and two cats that are quite busy.

When she’s not out walking in the woods with dogs and kids, Charity hosts public radio programs on Michigan Pubilc Radio in Ann Arbor. Our Walk in the Woods is her first book for children.

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