Nightcrawler’s Magazine issue #8

Nightcrawlerz presents issue #8 with special guest artist centerfold by Ray Johnson. 36 pages 4 1/4x 5.5″ pink and white pages, cardstock covers, staplebound zine produced in 1989 numbered edition of 200 copies.

Nightcrawlerz is an artist collective begun by Cary Loren and Barry Roth in 1979. They first met in the photography department of Wayne State University. Their work is an exploration of sound and word experiments laid out in the 1978 publication “The Third Mind” by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs.

The group uses found and manipulated sound and poetry inside a densely collaged and constructivist format. They are low tech auteurs, who also use photography, film, and sculpture. The group has collaborated with several artists and musicians, most notably the late performance artist Ray Johnson, godfather of the mail art network. Nightcrawlerz released much of their work in limited edition zine format (there were 9 issues of Nightcrawlerz magazines issued between 1979-1989) and on cassette tapes. Their work was mainly distributed in small quantities through the mail art network. In 2000 the “End is Here” label released a two CD set of their music work containing selections from the period 1979-1990.

$ 175.00