Lonely Street: Tender Moments From The Mobile Homestead (edition of 100)

Lonely Street is made up of artist Jim Shaw and Cary Loren, both former members of Destroy All Monsters. They have been joined in concert by artist Cameron Jamie. The works on this CDr were recorded in the Mobile Homestead basement soon after its construction in 2012. It also includes some Halloween recordings made in Detroit in 2010 by Mike Kelley with Cameron Jamie and Cary Loren.

This CDr is released in an edition of 100 copies and packaged in a clear CD envelope along with a greeting card photo signed by Loren. On the CDr is a photograph taken by Loren of a model taken in a sub-basement room of the Mobile Homestead.

The project was inspired by the “Vision in a Cornfield” exhibition held at MOCAD in 2012, and from a series of middle-age male pop crooner songs collected by Mike Kelley and presented as cover versions selected by Shaw and Loren. Lonely Street was produced for the Destroy All Monsters exhibition : “A Manifesto of Ignorance” held at the Horse Hospital in London, UK, in April, 2016. Copies are packaged with 100 assorted photos and stamped Destroy All Monsters on the reverse. A small amount of these recordings are still available.

$ 75.00