Litmus Test: Works on Paper from the Psychedelic Era

“Litmus Test: Works on Paper from the Psychedelic Era”, published for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art for an exhibition of the same name. Curated by Carlo McCormick and Josef Zimmerman, “Litmus Test” features a look at psychedelic art through multi disciplinary channels. Featuring, posters by Gary Grimshaw, photos by Leni Sinclair, Blotter Acid art from Mark McCloud and the Institute of Illegal Images, paintings by Isaac Abrams, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey”

The Psychedelic Era was, among many things, a cultural frontier for colors and imagery. Music, politics, and drugs ignited an unprecedented expansion of art revolving around these elements. College campuses around the country, now seen as the birthing grounds for much of the psychedelic era’s ideals, were hotbeds for bright young minds to organize politically and artistically. From Berkeley College to the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, young idealists organized and the art of the era came to fruition. This exhibition will be our bridge to that time, showcasing a variety of psychedelic era works on paper.

Highlighting this experience is the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan. The poster work and ephemera of Gary Grimshaw and the photography of Leni Sinclair will showcase the art that poured from that time and place. Blotter sheets from Mark Mothersbaugh, H.R. Giger, S. Clay Wilson, Chuck Sperry, and more will represent the creative fuel for many of the artists of the time. Also featured will be the work of the poster artists of the time: Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Rick Griffin, and Alton Kelley. Lastly works by artists Alex and Allyson Grey and Isaac Abrams will display the fine art guided and influenced by the era and movement.

With Essays by Josef Zimmerman, Cary Loren, Carlo McCormick

$ 75.00