Jimbo Easter: Deep in the Peanut (artist zine)

A full-sized deluxe artist book created from psychedelic doodles and the hand drawn weirdness of artist/musician Jimbo Easter (ex-Piranhas, Druid Perfume, Cat-shit Mountain, Dune Jam, etc. ). Inspired by ancient bogs,southern swamps, the Hillbilly sand dune gods, mushrooms, Hermann Nitsch and the Doors.. Easter’s artwork is an amalgamation of the strange, stupid and wonderful. For fans of monster drawings, derelict paintings, demented sculptures and Third-eye Gumby claymation. The path begins here…small edition of 100 or less copies, don’t pass it by!

24pps, black and white drawings, signed by the artist, oversized paperback with full color wraps

$ 40.00