Glenn Barr’s Heart Aflame (Signed)

a set of 15 oversized postcards, approx. 6×9″ in die-cut folder/envelope, this set is signed by the artist on the outside of the folder. VF, new as issued. Glenn Barr is a Detroit artist active on the national “neo-pop/Juxtapose” lowbrow scene. He has shown in numerous galleries around the world. “Barr uses elements of pop culture to infuse familiarity to an otherwise parallel reality, where angels and devils alike share the same urban playground. With a nod to pulp art and cartooning, Barr’s paintings are mesmerizing in both their simplicity and depth.” ( “Hearts Aflame” is a limited edition set of high quality postcards, reproducing a recent series of Barr’s artwork.

$ 30.00

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