Destroy All Monsters Magazine #6

Vintage issue of DAM magazine issue #6 “Special Hollywood Issue”printed in 1979, 42 pages, card stock front and back covers, VF issue, irregular collation, hand printed off-set press, staple bound, on white and light blue papers, printed at Wayne State University, printed and edited by Cary Loren. Issue #6 was hand-printed by Loren at the Wayne State University printing department in a small edition of about 200 copies and are scarce.

“Issue #6 begins with a Virgil Finlay cover, with the note that Finlay died January 18, 1971; one suspects this was just about the time Loren began dating Niagara. This one, numbered Vol. II no. VI, 1979, is called “Special Hollywood Issue”. In heavily embellished, fancy, fey lettering we are assured “As ever, you will find it obsessed with time, age, beauty, death and the maze of life,” for it was “Concocted in the hallucinatory neighborhood of Hollywood, California by a Mr. Cary Loren of Detroit.” Like Iggy Pop about five years before, recording the songs of “Kill City” with guitarist James Williamson while trying to score dope and a record deal, or perhaps novelist Thomas Mann a half-century before that, Loren celebrates his visit to Tinseltown, in brief exile from his quotidian rustbelt roots. We are promptly given Alfred Hitchcock off television, a similarly reassuring (yet untrustworthy?) narrator of strange tales. There is a stippled ink drawing, unsigned and uncredited, but resembling those by Larry Miller’s past musical (and EMPOOL) collaborator Arnold Lellis. Plenty of stills, snapshots, pretty faces in sunglasses follow, like a mid-westerner’s cliche vision of Hollywood. There are images by Jack Smith from his 1963 “Flaming Creatures”, whose showing was shut down in the 1960s by police in Ann Arbor, when Loren was still in middle school about thirty miles away. There follows a text by Jack Smith, and images by Smith or perhaps Kenneth Anger.” -from a partial description of DAM magazine issue #6 by Mike Mosher

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