Destroy All Monsters: “Geisha This” 3rd edition

“Geisha This” combines images from the DAM collage trash-art magazine published 1975-1979, along with rare photos and other artworks by DAM. The 3rd revised edition has a cover printed in silver metallic ink on florescent hot pink covers. The Destroy All Monsters collective are the artists Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren and Niagara.

With inserts, poster, interviews, news-clippings and an original clear plastic unreleased flexi record, this is the definitive DAM document. Hundreds of photos are gathered in this one volume along with band histories (DAM liner notes, notes on the history of DAM magazine, discography, flyers, lyrics, DAM interviews itself, record reviews, artwork from the 70s and unpublished material. Each book contains one original hand-made psychedelic splatter painting. A total of three editions of “Geisha This” were made. Each version of “Geisha This” was printed in different colors, collated by hand in a different sequence with different and altered content, similar to the DAM magazines made in the ’70s.

This oversized paperback, is the third edition of about 2000 copies printed in 1997, size: 8 1/2 x 11″- as new, mint copy in florescent hot pink cover designed by Niagara.The book is signed by editor and producer Cary Loren.

$ 120.00