Cameron Jamie (exhibition catalog OP)

Cameron Jamie’s calling is tracking down extreme social phenomena and presenting them in short documentary films. His best known film, BB, documents backyard wrestling among working-class kids in his native San Fernando Valley. In Spook Houses, he explores the suburban Detroit community that takes a little too much pleasure in the macabre at Halloween, transforming front lawns into cemeteries and kitchens into mausoleums. And in Kranky Claus, a film about Krampus rituals in Austria, he accompanies those legendary demons on their nightmarish pre-Christmas tour, thrashing frightened children. As Jamie says of his subjects and as he proves to his audiences, “The creepiest things in the world are always the things that are considered to be the most normal.”

PUBLISHED BY: Hatje Cantz Publishers out-of-print
FORMAT: Hardcover, 8.5 x 10.75 in./200 pgs / 200 color.

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