Leslie K. Pielack at the Baldwin Public Library


Join us for a signing with Leslie K. Pielack, author of The Saginaw Trail.

About The Saginaw Trail:

The Saginaw Trail led from the frontier town of Detroit into the wilderness, weaving through towering trees and swamps to distant Native American villages. Presenting a forbidding landscape that was also a settlers’ paradise, the road promised great riches in natural resources like lumber and agriculture, and a future of wheeled vehicles that would make Michigan the center of a global industry. Leslie Pielack tells the story of the ancient path that transformed early Michigan and of the people whose lives intertwined with the iconic road.

About Leslie K. Pielack:

Leslie K. Pielack is museum director at the Birmingham Museum in Birmingham, Michigan, and has been active in the museum field for many years. She also provides consultation services for historic organizations and archival collections and is past adjunct professor at University of Detroit–Mercy’s School of Architecture. Leslie is a dual career professional with a part-time private practice in counseling and work in public history and preservation. She finds that psychology and historic preservation are very compatible in approaching museum work and is especially intrigued with the personal stories behind historic events and the people who lived them. Her research, writing and presentations draw from these interests in trying to re-create a sense of common ground and connection with people in the past.

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