Annie Spence at the Farmington Community Library on Tuesday, August 21st @ 7 PM

Local best-selling author and librarian Annie Spence will be at the Farmington Community Library (23500 Liberty St. Farmington, MI) on Tuesday, August 21st at 7 PM to do a reading and sign copies of her book, Dear Fahrenheit 451. Book Beat will be selling books for the event. For more information, call the Farmington Community Library at (248) 553-0300. 

About Dear Fahrenheit 451

A librarian’s laugh-out-loud funny, deeply moving collection of love letters and breakup notes to the books in her life.

If you love to read, and presumably you do since you’ve picked up this book (!), you know that some books affect you so profoundly they forever change the way you think about the world. Some books, on the other hand, disappoint you so much you want to throw them against the wall. Either way, it’s clear that a book can be your new soul mate or the bad relationship you need to end.

In Dear Fahrenheit 451, librarian Annie Spence has crafted love letters and breakup notes to the iconic and eclectic books she has encountered over the years. From breaking up with The Giving Tree (a dysfunctional relationship book if ever there was one), to her love letter to The Time Traveler’s Wife (a novel less about time travel and more about the life of a marriage, with all of its ups and downs), Spence will make you think of old favorites in a new way. Filled with suggested reading lists, Spence’s take on classic and contemporary books is very much like the best of literature—sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes surprisingly poignant, and filled with universal truths.

A celebration of reading, Dear Fahrenheit 451 is for anyone who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book…and another, and another, and another!

“A winsome volume published this year in which the librarian Annie Spence writes letters to books she has loved, or not.” —New York Times Book Review

“Perfect for any bibliophile and terrifically funny.” —Library Journalstarred Review

“A librarian delivers a charming epistolary volume that begs to be read with pencil in hand…. A smart, funny, forthright librarian in book form.” Kirkus

“Dear Dear Fahrenheit 451, thanks for the lovely reminder of the ways we find ourselves in books.” Booklist, starred review

“The truest testament to the quality of Dear Fahrenheit 451…is that my enjoyment of it was, in the end, great enough to outweigh my fury that someone other than me had written it….She has a unique ability to capture the thoughts and feelings of book lovers, both professional and otherwise, on the page.” —NPR


Annie Spence is a librarian and writer living in Detroit, Michigan. Dear Fahrenheit 451 is her first book.

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