Federal Judge Damon J. Keith signing at Book Beat

Damon_Keith_Circuit_JudgePlease join us at Book Beat this Sunday, December 22nd from 2-4pm for an informal holiday book signing with Federal Judge Damon J. Keith. Judge Keith will be signing his acclaimed biography and legal history,Crusader for Justice. The Book Beat is located at 26010 Greenfield, in Oak Park. A series of excerpts from the book were included recently in the Detroit Free Press, read chapter two: The Early Education of Damon J. Keith.

“We are a country of LAWS not of MEN.” –Judge Keith ruling on President Richard Nixon’s wiretapping of Ant-war activists in the Sinclair trial

“In Crusader for Justice, Peter J. Hammer and Trevor W. Coleman shows the Judge Damon Keith I know — his deep humanity, his courage on the bench, and his unyielding commitment to justice and fairness for all Americans, regardless of race or stature. This book shows the mind and soul behind the decisions that have guarded our civil liberties, enlarged our civil rights, and made America a better place for all its citizens.” – William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

“This book says a lot about the kind of difference one fellow being can make in this nation’s hunger for democracy and justice. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for those who care about America’s future.” — Harry Belafonte

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