July Reading Group Selection

Book Beat’s Reading Group Selection for July is The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington. The Reading Group will meet Wednesday, July 24 at 7pm in the Goldfish Teahouse (101  117 W 4th St, Royal Oak, MI 48067). Books are discounted 15% at Book Beat. All are welcome!

“A masterpiece of Surrealistic fantasy, combining rich symbolic suggestion with a gripping narrative.”- Library Journal

The Hearing Trumpet tells the story of 92-year-old Marian Leatherby, who is given the gift of a hearing trumpet only to discover that her family has been plotting to have her committed to an institution. But this is an institution where the buildings are shaped like birthday cakes and igloos, where the Winking Abbess and the Queen Bee reign, and where the gateway to the underworld is wide open. It is also the scene of a mysterious murder. Occult twin to Alice in Wonderland, The Hearing Trumpet is a classic of fantastic literature that has been translated and celebrated throughout the world.

“Reading The Hearing Trumpet liberates us from the miserable reality of our days.” -Luis Bunuel

“Military people never seem to apologize for killing each other yet novelists feel ashamed for writing some nice inert paper book that is not certain to be read by anybody.”
— Leonora Carrington

The best thing about the book is the writing and particularly the dialogue. Carrington certainly had a way with words and she used each sentence to create this small surreal world that pulls you in. Her writing feels as if it’s just you and her, its joyful and in a strange way, rather private. Above all, the book is brilliantly funny, but again, in a surreal way.  -DogEar Discs

Leonora Carrington was a British born Surrealist painter and writer who has been described, alongside people such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, as one of the leading lights of the Surrealist movement. Born in Lancashire in 1917 to a strict Catholic family she first came into contact with surrealism through her lover, Surrealist painter Max Ernst, before moving to Mexico in 1942. The Hearing Trumpet, her most famous piece of writing, was first published in France in 1974. She died in Mexico City in 2011.

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