Bones Exhibition opens this Weekend

The exhibition “Bones” will display the art and vision of Yasuo Tanaka during a consecutive three day opening at the Book Beat gallery/bookstore on Friday, October 21st from 6-8 PM, Saturday, October 22nd from 5-8 PM and Sunday from 3-5 PM. The artist will be making “portraits in a wheelchair” during his residency and will have original sculptures, ink & watercolor napkin drawings, photographs and books for sale. Artist Dick Cruger will also be in attendance and will present their collaboration Parallel Universe; Detroit/Tokyo, a photographic book correspondence between Tokyo and Detroit.  The Exhibition will continue through January 9th, 2012. The Book Beat gallery is located at 26010 Greenfield in Oak Park. Please call 248-968-1190 for more information.

Tokyo artist Yasuo Tanaka (b.1942) is a uniquely gifted artist that uses bookmaking, design, puppetry, wire sculpture, photography, and ink drawing in fantastic and striking combinations. Tanaka has produced a curious and quietly poetic body of work, a bizarrely stylized skeleton world radiating a simple universal message and philosophy. A surreal, childlike and humorous quality pervades all of Tanaka’s art that presents to us a Borgesian metaphysical vision about eternity, death and life wrapped inside his purely visual reality.

For more information please read our blog: Yasuo Tanaka Photographer and Paper Napkin Artist

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