Newbery Author Lois Lowry Coming to Berkley High Auditorium

Fans of great children’s literature will be pleased to know that two-time Newbery Award Winner Lois Lowry (author of the Newbery Award Medal for “The Giver” 1994, and “Number the Stars” 199o),  will be returning to the Metro Detroit area on Friday, April 1st from 7:00- 8:30 pm at Berkley High School Auditorium (2325 Catalpa (11 1/2 mile rd., east of Coolidge Rd.) Berkley, MI 48072). This event is co-sponsored by the Book Beat and the Berkley School District.

Lois Lowry is well-loved by children and young adult literature readers alike for creating compelling characters and powerful stories.  Lois is appearing in support of her two most recent releases: Like the Willow Tree (part of the Dear America series) and Bless This Mouse. These two titles along with her many in-print classics will be available to purchase at the event.  For more information, or to purchase or reserve books prior to the event, please call Book Beat at (248) 968-1190.

Download a Book Beat PDF orderform here: with ALL AVAILABLE TITLES for  Lois Lowry

“… The Giver, a powerful and provocative novel, is sure to keep older children reading. and thinking.” From: Ray, Karen. Review from New York Times Book Review.

“Lowry is once again in top form – raising many questions while answering few, and unwinding a tale fit for the most adventurous readers.” From: Review of The Giver, by Lois Lowry. Publishers Weekly.

“..only by cherishing life is it possible to learn to accept death. A sincere and graceful appeal to the idealist in all of us.” – The New York Times reviewing ; A Summer to Die

“Rife with humor and personality, this young middle-grade novel has an old-fashioned feel with the makings of a modern classic.” Good Reads review of Bless This Mouse

Bless This Mouse tells the story of a resilient and quirky colony of church mice who must survive numerous threats in order to survive within the church walls.  Will their extraordinary mouse leader Hildegarde be able to keep this scampering, squeaking tribe intact?

“A simple tale that is mature and subtle and will appeal to readers who prefer characters over plot or who like to feel as if they’re learning alongside the protagonist. This isn’t just any Dear America volume — it’s the best one I’ve read in a long time. ” Review of Like the Willow Tree

Like The Willow Tree is the story of 11 year-old Lydia who is taken in by a Shaker community after she and her brother are orphaned by the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918.

Read an author profile and interview with Lois Lowry on TEENREADS.COM

Please know that this free event sponsored by Book Beat is possible only from the support of customers who purchase copies of her books at the event or in advance at Book Beat.  We believe that visits from world-renowned authors enrich our community.  We thank you for your continued support in making these opportunities possible.

If you cannot attend this event, please call the Book Beat (248) 968-1190 (26010 Greenfield Rd., Oak Park, MI.) if you would like to reserve copies or if you have any further questions regarding this event.

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