“Books Not Bombs”

P1040758.jpgWe are happy for everyone who was able to attend the “Three Cups of Tea” event at the Berkley High School Auditorium this bright and frigid Sunday afternoon. We missed many people who could not attend, but it was standing room only and there was not a second left for a single extra book to be signed. Mr. Mortenson and company rushed off for their plane ride to Chicago at 4:45 PM – we hope they made it in time.

We would like to thank everyone in the Berkley School District who helped make this a success; teachers, media specialists and administration – thank you all for your support and the methods used to bring the message and ideas of “Three Cups of Tea” and “Pennies for Peace” into the classroom.

A special thank you goes out to Amira and Greg Mortenson for putting together an inspiring and lovely presentation. We appreciate and enjoyed your company – and hope you can someday return to see more of Detroit, a city that especially needs to hear your message of hope.

This has been a wonderful and uplifting launch for these two important children’s books; the picture book adaptation, “Listen to the Wind” and young adult version of “Three Cups of Tea.” We would like to stress that this young person’s book was a simultaneous release in paperback and hardcover (so one does not have to wait a year for the paperback version to appear). This rarely occurs in publishing, and the paperback was priced low at only $8.99! — an opportunity to begin reading this in classroom groups and young people’s reading groups. Everyone knows a young person -or possibly five young people, who should be reading and exposed to this phenomenal book. “Three Cups of Tea” shows how each young person and individual can be of service and help in transforming the world. Start now.

Book Beat will continue its “Pennies for Peace” fundraising until the end of March. We hope others will begin a project or continue one for themselves -together we can make a difference, one penny at a time.









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