A 73 acre historical park is threatned by the development of a lake shore golf course:

Jean Klock Park is one of the oldest parks in the state of Michigan and predates Michigan’s state parks. Its boundaries host a half mile of Lake Michigan shoreline and include, what are considered by the experts to be, the occurrence of three globally threatened natural communities consisting of: Great Lakes Open Dunes, a Great Lakes Marsh, and Interdunal Wetlands.

Through the years unsuccessful attempts by developers were made to “grab” the land of this deed protected park. Unfortunately, in 2003 Jean Klock Park was threatened again. At that time the citizen group Friends of Jean Klock Park formed to prevent the sale of the park’s property for a housing development . Their efforts resulted in a lawsuit, Settlement Agreement and Consent Judgement that allowed a small portion of property to be developed in exchange for preserving the remaining park property forever. Source:

This is an issue that effects everyone’s quality of life in Michigan. Our natural resources are this state’s greatest strength. See what you can do NOW to help SAVE JEAN KLOCK PARK


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