Art Out of Time

Paul Gravett has been involved in the comics and publishing industry for over 20 years. His blog of articles and book reviews on comics and graphic novels is a work of love and devotion. A partial sample from his review of the newly published Art Out of Time follows below. It is one of the best anthologies of comics ever produced, focusing on the under-appreciated visionary artists and lunatics who’ve pushed this sorely misaligned medium to its radical limits.

“If you’re curious about the origins of some of Chris Ware’s revolutionary approaches, look no further than the pages of Naughty Pete by one Charles Forbell from way back in 1913. The influence of his unconventional layouts, typography and pared-down designs on Ware seems unmistakable….In date order, the book ends in 1969 with the psychotic horrors of Bogeyman by Rory Hayes (1949-83), always the underground’s most alienated outsider prodigy. His complete works cry out to be properly reissued.

The book closes with Nadel’s biographies of all the artists, some long, others short because so little is known about them. Nadel also footnotes two artists he wanted to include: Archie artist Harry Lucey and Tarzan illustrator Jesse Marsh, hailing him as “comics’ Giorgio de Chirico” for his “evocative and mysterious landscapes.”

Art Out Of Time is a landmark book, rescuing visionaries from oblivion. They must not be forgotten again. –SOURCE: Paul Gravett’s excellent comics blog: Paul Gravett On Comics & Graphic Novels

Purchase a copy of Art Out of Time at Book Beat’s online website: Art Out of Time

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