Monstrous Sendak Pop-up Book

sendak_nosferatu-235.jpg Maurice Sendak has been a longtime fan and collector of moveable children’s books. His first pop-up book has just been released by Scholastic press with a 500,000 copy first printing and is already sold out, a week after publication. All pop-up books must be hand assembled. This one was produced in China. After over 6 years in design and planning, the book is now out. It is a riotous, joyful pop-up book, destined to be a classic.

Taking on the challenge of tackling a pop-up was risky, Sendak says, but he is a veteran risk taker. “I like to think every important book I’ve done has been a risk and fortunately some of them, like Where the Wild Things Are, have paid off big. Yet some that have been my most intensely favorite books were not so popular. The riskiest things are the right things for children. Ordinary things bore children. Risks give them something to chew on. This book is not just another pop-up with funny things jumping through hoops. There is a fearlessness in this book. Frankenstein’s bride [who ends up being the baby’s mommy] still stops me in my tracks. And I love the fact that this book, when it comes out in England, will be called Mummy? I think that’s perfect.”

Listen to a live interview with Maurice Sendak on npr radio as he discusses his rare collection of pop-up books and his latest masterpiece: Why Maurice Sendak Puts Kids Characters in Danger

To purchase a copy online from Book Beat click: Mommy? A Maurice Sendak Pop-up

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