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author Javaki Hilmon & friends at Book Beat

Everyone’s got one, and now Book Beat too has joined the swampy lagoon of bloggers in digital wonderland. We’d like to use our “Backroom” space to offer reviews, interviews and more in-depth comments on the world of books, authors and culture than is possible to do in our fractured newsletters. We will also use this space to archive bookstore events as well as posting off-topic subjects that are of special interest to our customers. Our archive of bookstore history, events, and author readings (on video), will eventually be edited and posted.

We’d like to invite writers and reviewers to send submissions or ideas for consideration. We are just at the beginning, and hope to add more features as we go. Our focus will continue to be on fine arts, photography, music, quality lit, children’s lit, creativity & books for all ages.
Our category list appears to the right and top of the page. You’ll also find our nifty and streamlined Gort Jukebox above that, which we will keep stocked with thoughtful music & poetry. We will be adding and changing it semi-often. We are thankful to the fine folks at the Somniloquy Institute who designed the streaming Gort Jukebox to function whenever the window is left open. Our bookshelf of online goodies appears at the top of the page where you can browse our select offerings. Or enter The Book Beat Cavern for the total experience. For those unfamilar with us, we are also a real 3-D bricks and mud bookstore, located near the avenue of fashion in metro-Detroit. Click here for Book Beat directions. We Thank You for your support and comments.

Book Beat staff

Special thanks to web-mistress Anneke Auer at the Somniloqy Institute who has designed our site & blog.

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